–Product Review— Macpac Litealp XL Day Pack

 —Official Spec—


【Capacity】 30L
【Weight】 0.69kg
【Size】 W 37×D 25×H 46(cm)

The big brother of the classic Litealp that has been around for many decades. An honest daypack for everyday use; school, university, work and travel. Robust, functional and now with enough space to accommodate large folders and laptops.



Well-sewed product. Durable and tough.

Medium size backpack. For any age & gender.
Face fabric is 1000D Aztec. Little thicker fabric in Macpac product lineup.This fabric will  improve with long time use.

It’s not waterproof, but as far as you avoid hard/long raining, almost no problem.


The zipper looking very tough (and actually tough).
Size of zipper handle is enough to pinch.

It have flap on zipper. It prevent intrusion of raindrop.
Flap itself, it have room for easy accessing.

Macpac logo is simple design & modest size.

—Top & Bottom—

On bottom part, there is not cushion board. If you use with computer devise, need to care for this.
Bottom fabric is not Aztec but Nylon.

Top handle is hard nylon belt. Looks like hard.

—Back & Side—

Back panel is just Aztec with Plastic board. It cover your back from touching your belongings directly.

Harnesses have enough cushions. Not have mesh fabric.

Buckle is hard plastic, It doesn’t looks cheap. Enough to daily-use.

Side parts have mesh pocket with rubber belt. Ordinary plastic bottle is available to fit in.

—Main compartment—

Main space is 1 big room compartment.

—Front Pocket—

Slanted pocket. It’s easy to access.

Partition of Main & Front is just Nylon fabric. Too many main compartment belongings press front compartment.

Front pocket has plastic key chain.

—Buy or Not?—

I seems that it is little expensive for functions.
But crafting quality and durableness sure to be satisfied users.
Recommendable for the person who love the keywords “Simple”, “Long-use”









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