5difficulty before you have to know when you starting life with dogs in Myanmar.

Now I have one beagle boy 5month as of this month.
Dog makes your life happy and give you healing power (Of course, sometime I frustrated with him).


1. Too many stray dogs.

It is major and the most difficult problem.

Dog need walking daily, even you have large apartment.

But as you know if you have ever walked Yangon town, there is so many dogs in array, under the sidecar, opening YCDC garbage box.

They have possibility of Rabies.

You must protect your dog and yourself.
Can you drive them away by yourself?

If not, you should not have your pet.

=> zekwet: When you were bitten by stray dogs in Myanmar



2. Dog food supply is not stable.

What are you going to feed your lovely partner?As of now, 3-4 major dog foods in Yangon supermarket.

You can find pro-use dog food which packed in clear plastic bag. But highly I never recommend it if you love your cute dog.

And reliable products are only 2 for me.


Royal Canin

But major supermarkets(Ocean/CityMart/RubyMart) sold out them often.
Last week only food for puppy, and this week only for that for adult dog.

On basically, dogs prefer to eat one dog food taste.
You have to ready to have your dog learn the taste by mix some kind of dog food.


3. Few reliable hospital.

Almost pet owner said this vet is the best in Yangon.

Royal Veterinary Clinic

But always you will be in waiting row.


4. Possibility of sickly puppies

It’s just an rumor but, when you buy puppy, they will be purchased from Thailand. And as rumor, Good health puppies are send for domestic. sickly or some trouble on health, they send to Myanmar.

On basically, pet shop request 50% deposit beforehand to ready several puppies for candidate.
If goes so, You have no choice than to select from them, even the all have the problem.

I’m not sure this is truth or not, but if you worrying, you have to go and select actually.

(I needed beagle but beagle was rare in Myanmar. Fortunately I could meet good health beagle puppy. Fortunately.)


5. Too many trashed at road side.

Dogs likely to have interest trashes on the way to walking.
Sometime they eat and lick them.

Burmese people often throw snack, rotten food, cigaret, chewing tobacco.

You, parent of your dog must give attention anytime when you are walking with your dog.


Owner can choice dog, but dogs can’t choice owners.
Hope your happy yangon life!!

3min Myanmar Knowledge 001

What’s the bus group “Ma Hta Tha” ?


What’s “Ma Tha Hta Tha”?
=> Motor Vehicles Supervisory Committee in Yangon devision.

“Ma Hta Tha” means?
=> Just Burmese letter acronym from each words initial letter.

When was it started?
=> It was established 1962.

By who?
=>By retired military generals. Current chair man is U Hla Aung.

How many lines?
=>There are 349 bus lines with about 7,000 buses serving 2.2 million passengers.

All buses under control by Ma Hta Tha?
=> No. Some bus ( The Parami, Shwe Than Lwin, Shwe Ae Thay…) are not.




The only 5 things what you must attention before you come to Myanmar.

1. You should respect Buddhism

Myanmar is the country the high ratio of buddhist. Their beliefs get across into peoples.

Nationwide, the percentage of Buddhists also barely fluctuated. At 87.9pc of the 2014 population

Source: Myanmar times

You have to pay attention to Monk and Buddha image MUST not to touch easily and behave impolitely.

2. You have to avoid to use bike.

If you have ever been to another ASEAN country, maybe you think Myanmar have also motorcycle flood.
But (un)fortunately, Yangon city is prohibited to use motorcycle & bicycle from 2003.

While there is no specific law for riding two-wheeled vehicles in Rangoon, motorcycles have been banned in 33 municipal council-controlled townships since the early 2000s while government officials were allowed to ride motorcycles until July 2009, as per “guidelines” released by the city’s transport authorities.

Source: The irrawady

It doesn’t based on country law but polices fine 20,000~50,000ks for this.
To say nothing, you will be demanded more if you foreigner.


3. Buying prostitute is illegal.

Yes, It’s illegal on the law Buyer & Seller. Not less than one year and not more than five years and may also be imposed fines.

The Law Amending the Suppression of Prostitution Act, 1949

Source: International Labour Organization

Prostitution(Include sexual massage) is overlooked in currently situation.
But sometime police patrol for their pocket money and nightlife.



4. Stay at hotel

You have friends in Myanmar? OK Let’s stay his house instead of hotel!!
Only say to you, It is illegal if you and friend is not same gender. You know that?

Despite Growing Tourist Demand, Burma Keeps a Lid on Homestays

Source: The Irrawady

It has not checked aggressive but if you are going to all-night party with loud music, You should know the risk in case of police come and claim to you.

Of course, married couple is no problem.

5. Visa rule is tight.

Still Visa Exemption is only 7countries. It is little less than another ASEAN countries.

Ordinary passport holders from the following countries are giving visa exemption for 14 days-

  1. Brunei

  2. Cambodia

  3. Indonesia

  4. Laos

  5. Philippines

  6. Thailand (Three International Airports Only)

  7. Viet Nam

Thailand allow 52 countries, even Vietnam 17 countries.


Myanmar has not provided rules and tourist like system yet.
But, same as the difficulty, you can feel their kindness and helpful heart.

Hope your travel will be fantastic with obeying and learning country rules of Myanmar.


#If you need more information, feel free to contact to me.

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Resident Registration


Have you finished registration for residing?
It’s getting so tight from this October. I heard this registration was provided formally based on country rule. But it has not been througness.

This time, government officers are informing seriously. So, Let’s register at township Immigration office where you are staying.

Required documents are below.

  1. Passport copy

    =>Main page page, Current Visa page, The latest stamp page. Total 3pages.

  2. Photo

    =>3pcs passport size. My township accepted by color copy. They refused after this. Oops.

  3. Tenanter NRC copy & House hold list (Both side)

    =>Copying NRC card with color, it is irregal actually. Must be White/Black.

  4. Tenant Owner NRC copy(Both side)

    =>Same as above. No need House hold list.

  5. Contraction document of Tenant

    =>You have to check with your owner about contents(That’s why Some owner done “tax evasion” )

  6. Form6/26 copy(White/Black is available)

    =>On basically, original is kept in DICA.

  7. Company registration (Color)

    =>They never accept White/Black.

  8. Recomendation letter from WardOffice officer

    =>You just request to main officer. I reccomend to keep good relation with them. Their power is stronger than you recognize.


  9. Application with company letter head

    =>See below reference. Company Stamp is must.


  10. Report of arrival

    =>You can get at Immigration Office.


  11. Declaration of residing foreigner

    =>You can get at Immigration Office.


  12. Notification of Resident information

    =>You can get at Immigration Office.


And I write here the message from township officer.

Please don’t try to apply when provided panishment rules. We have too much overtime everyday…
And we hope you forward applying without complaint to us. We juat obey government direction.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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For English speaker, Click HERE.


今回は割と取り締まりも含めて本気のようなので、皆さん各地区のImmigration Officeで進めていきましょう。



  1. パスポートコピー


  2. 顔写真3枚


  3. 契約者のNRCコピーとHouseHoldList(両面)


  4. オーナーのNRCコピー(両面)


  5. 物件の賃貸契約書


  6. Form6/26コピー(白黒可)


  7. 登記書カラーコピー


  8. WardOfficeからの推薦状



  9. 会社レターヘッドでの申請書



  10. 入国申請書

    =>Immigration Officeでもらえます。


  11. 外国人居住の責任に関しての宣誓書

    =>Immigration Officeでもらえます。


  12. 居住外国人の個人情報通知書

    =>Immigration Officeでもらえます。






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