How to activate the account when you fail to get PIN code on AWS

I have to applause AWS team’s hospitality.

For the registration of AWS new account, everybody is requested inputting PIN code on the phone which is sent from AWS team.
But the procedure is not go well sometime(It’s because of international calling I guess)

At here, there is a one critical problem.
Unless to receive the calling AWS, doesn’t become available to use no any service related verification.


Then, how could we —uninflastructured country users— use AWS?


You just open the case Support case and request to call to yourself by AWS staffs.
I was like as below.


Me(Web): There is no calling for PIN number!!
AWS(Web): Could you let us know your phone Number? And please check your inbox.
Me(Web): Number is xx-xxxxx. (I sure that I never hear the ringing…) 

—5min later—

AWS(Call): Hello, have you checked your inbox?
Me(Call): Yes, I’m about to check it.(AWS call to me directly, how quick they are!?)
AWS(Call): Could you read the PIN number in the email which we sent?
Me(Call): It is xxxxxx. #Not normal PIN number
AWS(Call): OK, activated thank you for using AWS service. See you.
Me: Oh…how it is…


If you troubling about AWS, you should open the support case immediately.

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How to delete bitnami Banner

Have you ever seen? Do you wanna good-bye to him?

When you launch your wordpress blog by AWS AMI, you can see him.


Official page said…

How To Remove The Banner?

To remove the banner link to the Bitnami Info page, follow these steps:

  • Log in to into your server console using SSH and execute the following command. Remember to replace APPNAME with the actual name or directory location of your application.
     sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/APPNAME/bnconfig --disable_banner 1
  • Restart Apache:
     sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

It’s little confuse for beginner who like as me 1month ago.
I explain more easily!!

  1. Open AWS EC2 console, and select your wordpress instance.
  2. Click connect button and input command at terminal. You can success login by SSH.
  3.  Input below command. “APPNAME” is directory of wordpress file. In the case of this, Replace “APPNAME” to “wordpress”.
     sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/APPNAME/bnconfig --disable_banner 1
  4. Restart Apache. That’s all.
     sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

Basic command for Vim


Reference for myself.

#To be continued…

i = insert mode Change to Input mode. Input a letter before current cursor.
r = replace mode Change to replace mode. Overwrite a letter on current cursor.
esc = command mode Back to command mode.


x = Delete Delete the letter on cursor.
dd = Delete line Delete the line on cursor.


Other commands
yy = copy Copy current line.
p = Paste Paste letters.
u = Undo Undo before operation.
Ctrl + r = Redo Redo before operation.
. = Command again Run the latest command again.


How to solve Mac sound input / output problem

When you have the malfunction or problem as below…

+ Internal mic never catch your voice
+ Internal speaker never work.
+ Mouse doesn't work well. 
+ Date/Time incorrect.

PRAM clearing help your Mac (PRAM = “Parameter RAM”)

1.  Shutdown
2. Power on and push immediately “command” + “option” + “P” + “R” keys when Apple mark appeared.
3. Keep pushing the keys after sound 2 times. 


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